A new scarf in the store!

Last weekend I wanted to try a new draft (pattern) I had seen in Handwoven Magazine. I really love their magazine to stir when it comes to inspiration, especially in this time when I am not able to get together with my weaving friends. I was waiting on yarn for a commission piece to arrive so I wanted a short project that would go quickly.

I knew what I wanted to weave and which fibers I wanted to use, but the colors were not talking to me. I have mentioned before that my yarns often tell me what they want to be, and this time nobody was talking. I had all sorts of colors and knew I wanted something bright and “springy”. I settled on Limonette Pale and Coquille – a pretty lime green and a really warm cream color. As I started weaving I knew I needed a 3rd color and all of the sudden it hit me – the design spoke to me and everything changed!

I decided I would modify the draft and add bands of black into the design. It was a good choice because it really gave the whole thing the pop I was looking for. As I wove the black bands I started to see these amazing shapes form that I was really loving, giving it a little bit of an art-deco feel.

But when I washed it, that is when the magic really happened! The tencel shrunk up a little bit and the weave got tighter. Looking at the “wrong side” of the scarf had me wondering if that should really be the “right side” too. Both sides are equally interesting to the eye.

I came up with the name as I remembered how in the Northwest we start off with a lot of grey and black as we come out of winter. It is pretty drab. The minute spring hits, everything is green and lush. The shapes in the scarf remind me of plants in my yard – all of the hashtag shapes blended and started looking like clovers or sorrels! It turned out really lovely and has an amazing drape to it.

This scarf is now for sale in the store! Click here to check it out.

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