Latest scarf in the shop

Just before Mother’s Day I had a lot of people looking for gifts for the ladies in their lives. I am so grateful to everyone who has supported me and my tiny little basement studio. I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude. I love to make things and each item is inspired by the yarn, or feelings I was having, or patterns, or something that has caught my eye, or nature and are crafted with joy and love. I hope all of the ladies who use the items that they were given last month can feel that.

In that spirit, I just finished a new scarf that I have added to the store. I saw a scarf in one of my weaving magazines that inspired me. I modified the design slightly to account for the yarns I opted to use – the charcoal color is a merino wool that was “ever so slightly” slighter than the teal yarn.

I wanted to try a different combination of weave structures than I have done in the past. This reminded me a lot of the Deflected Double Weave I have done in the past, but is far simpler. This is a simple plain weave (also know as tabby) with some really nice big floats. They aren’t too big though as they won’t get caught on fingers or rings as easily.

I loved the way it looked on the loom but what was even cooler was the way it looked once I had wet finished it. Everything scrunched up and got really squishy, yet the scarf stayed really light and airy. It is so super soft being made of special hand-dyed merino wool (the charcoal color) and I used a lovely Jaggerspun wool (teal yarn) to accompany it. Jaggerspun wool is used frequently in industrial weaving projects and items and I can see why now. The hand is perfectly delicious and will feel amazing against the skin. The bold color really brings out the great geometric patterns I wove and give it such a playful feel.

I just added this scarf to my shop and you can read more about it on the “Scarves” page under “Items Available”. I can ship or do contactless delivery (in the Portland Metro Area) if you are interested.

Up next are more kitchen towels. I have noticed my inventory is getting pretty low and I don’t have a huge selection. The first set will be inspired by traditional Norwegian kitchen towels. Stay tuned to see more!

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