About Me

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am a Handweaver based in Portland, Oregon. Thanks for visiting my site!

Where this all started:

When I was young I was a free-ranging kid and played with any of the neighbor kids who wanted to play. We bounced from one house to another and on visits to one particular neighbors house I was introduce to a giant loom. I was fascinated by the machine and what it was creating and I wanted to make the shuttle go back and forth and see how the pedals worked. I wanted to know how she created the rugs she did. Those exposures left a little seed in my brain that would only grow years later.

After my son was born I retired from my occupation and my focus was solely on him. Much of the creative work I did was pushed aside and once he started school, I decided it was time for me to get my feet back under me and it was time to learn something I had wanted to learn for years. I wasn’t sure where to start but found a weaving class less than a mile from my house and I signed up and instantly fell in love. It is an incredible craft that helps keep my mind sharp, my curiosity peaked, and my imagination going wild. I love that weaving not only connects me to every single culture the world over, but also to our shared histories. I love learning about the fibers and patterns and maybe one day I will venture into learning to dye my yarns and perhaps spinning. I don’t think it is possible to ever stop learning when it comes to this art form, no matter how many years I am at my loom.

About Gingerlocks Handwovens:

After I started weaving, friends and colleagues would ask me to weave custom items as gifts for their loved ones and I decided it was time to name my tiny studio. My husband comes from England originally where redheads are known as „Gingertops“ or „Gingers“. We are all redheads or Gingers in our house and I decided to take that and run with it.

At my loom I create small batches of fabric which I turn into beautiful towels, blankets, scarves, wraps and more. I do my very best to work with all natural fibers giving people something that feels good against the skin and, when it comes to my towels, super absorbency. My towels have been called super durable too, and I often joke they are the “cast iron of the textile world”. There is really something special about having a towel that is handwoven just for you. The more they are used the better they get!

My favorite yarns are hand-dyed tencel that I find at a shop in my hometown (Eugene, Oregon) and organic cotton. I really love color and try to bring in bold, yet complimentary colors to create items that people fall in love with – I weave as much joy and love as I can into each piece and I hope people can see and feel that!

As everything is done by hand, and as much as I try to be perfect, I am not a machine, so some of the edges will not be completely straight. There might also be little mistakes, but this is what makes each item special and one of a kind!