Available Items

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“Pinwheel” Scarf

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$55 – This scarf is squishy and soft and totally yummy. The geometric design and bold colors of this scarf will catch eyes everywhere you go! The wools I used (the charcoal yarn is merino wool) are super soft and the weave structure gives this piece a really light and airy feel.

The scarf measures 79″ long (which includes the 3.5″ fringe) and 7.75″ wide.

Care for the scarf is easy. Hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.

“Cirque du Par-Tay” Scarf

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$100 – The “Cirque du Par-Tay” scarf was so fun to weave. As the colors and the thickness of the yarn changed, I couldn’t decide if I was looking at the circus or a party, so I went with both!

This yummy, thick scarf is so cozy. It is woven from mainly Rayon/Bamboo & Wool with a wee bit of acrylic mixed in. The black base really sets off the painted yarn and it is just fun! This scarf measures 11.75” wide and 67” long (+4.5” twisted fringe).

Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry.

Bubble Shawl

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$125 – The Bubble Shawl is one of my very favorite scarves/shawls. I tried it on after making one and decided I needed one for myself (this doesn’t happen super often!). This is made from some lovely 100% Swedish Wool and uses a special weave structure that “bubbles” up when I wash it. It is a lovely, light weight but super warm scarf. It measures 14.75″ wide and 92″ long with 5.5″ fringe. You can wear it as a shawl or roll it up around your neck to be cozy warm!

Hand wash in cool water, lay flat to dry.

Blanket Scarf

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$125 – Have you ever thought to yourself, “I would love to wear this blanket around all day, I just wish it was nicer looking!”? If you have, I have the answer right here! This Blanket Scarf is like wearing a beautiful blanket and is cozy for those really chilly days! Made of 100% Swedish wool, this scarf – although it is really more of a wrap – will keep you warm. This piece measures 18″ wide and 76″ long with a 4″ fringe.

Hand wash in cool water, lay flat to dry.

Inspirational Items

The following pieces are items I have made previously that I have sold. If there is something you love here I would be happy to make one especially for you! Please contact me here and we can make a plan!

“It’s Finally Spring” Scarf

$70 – This beautiful scarf is made from 100% Tencel, one of the most eco-friendly fibers in the world! The scarf is woven using a technique called Deflected Double-Weave which creates the amazing blocks you see. The scarf measures 76.5” long (which includes 4.5” of fringe) and 8.5” wide. It is perfect to wear for warmth but also as an accessory to add a little color to your outfit. It has amazing drape!

Care is easy Wash cool & hang dry (or dry flat). Iron on nylon setting. Designed and handwoven in Portland, Oregon.

“Forest Meets the Sea” Scarf

$125 – When I bought the green variegated yarn for this project it told me “Forest”. I came up with a pattern that felt like our forest and put a pale blue border on that had waves and felt like our Pacific Ocean. This is a very Oregon scarf – was the green Tencel hand dyed in Eugene, I wove it in Portland and it feels like stormy days on our Coast with low hanging clouds, firs and pines, and waves crashing! The 100% Tencel I used gives it a dreamy drape and lots of warmth. This scarf can also be used as a wrap – it measures 12″ wide and 79″ long and has 6.5″ twisted fringe.

Hand wash in warm water, hand dry, and an iron on a rayon setting is fine.

The Swedish Lace Scarf

$65 each – The Swedish Lace Scarf is woven of 100% Swedish wool and will be a staple in any winter wardrobe! Swedish Lace is a beautiful weave structure that creates lovely columns up the scarves. These light-weight wool scarves came in 2 different colors – a Light Grey/Charcoal and a Blue/Black but I only have the blue/black left. The scarf measures 8.5″ wide and 68″ long and has a 5″ fringe.

Hand wash in cool water, lay flat to dry, and iron on a wool setting.