Newest towels in the store!

Hello friends!

I hope this blog post finds you happy and healthy. It has been a little bit since I last wrote and thought I would post a little something to let you know I am still here and creating! I have just spent some time updating the store with new projects I wanted to share with you.

I recently finished a series of towels that made me so happy. These towels were part of a commission project I was asked to weave. The colors are warm and bright and were inspired by Italian sunsets. I just feel my heart swell when I look at them!

The 2 towel styles

I found the draft in Handwoven Magazine and it was designed by Sarah Resnick. Several of the yarns she used were not available at the time, so I adjusted for that, and also created my own variation of the draft to have something a little bit different.

These towels are currently available in the store for purchase. I am able to do no contact deliveries in the Portland area and I am happy to ship all over! If there is something special you are looking for (Mother’s Day is coming up!), let me know and I can help you out.

Times have been a bit strange lately and we are facing something most of us have never experienced before. I am having mostly “up” days where I feel motivated and feel like creating more often than “down” days where I just want things to go back to normal. It is a tough place to be right now, but I am grateful to my family and friends who continue to show unwavering support to me and my little family and I am grateful for things like Facetime so we can see one another virtually. I am also grateful for my loom and weaving to help ground me in my passion and give me a sense of normal and escape. That you for visiting my site and supporting me. Be well!